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I don't understand grace. What it is or how it works /:

chelsieautumn answered:

Well, how you define grace depends on what you believe in really. I am going to go into my definition of grace below. It is based from my faith and my heart, and it is okay if you don’t believe the same way. I still think you’re awesome. My favorite thing about tumblr is that we can all have different views and learn from each other, so please respect my viewpoint as I also will respect yours. Sorry for the length! <3

When I reference grace, I mean a ridiculous kind of love that ‘seeks you out when you have nothing to give in return’. From my personal viewpoint, this is Jesus. I believe that, from the beginning of time, from the very moment God laid eyes on us, he adored us. And yet, he allowed darkness to exist to give a measure of free will. For choice is needed to freely love.

We did not handle this choice well and we chose darkness every time. But then, at the moment when rebellion drove us to perfectionism and shaming others and wars and bloodshed and darkness and depression and pride and hate and war crimes and slaughter and renouncement of his love, at this moment, when we had driven ourselves into the darkest depths humanity could go, he counted our darkness against us not. But a deal had already been made with darkness itself. Someone must pay, because darkness must belong to darkness. It is the nature of darkness and light. And in a moment that reveals everything about God’s character, Jesus forgot our rebellion and stood in our place as the payment to darkness for our darkness forever. 

Because of this, I believe Jesus’ grace is so immense that nothing can lessen it. It is a force that says ‘your darkness does not change my love.’ and it allows us to also say to one another ‘your darkness does not change our love.’ As a Christian, I believe that though we may sin, Jesus says ‘you are free to lose every time, because I already won.’ Grace gives with no expectation of something back. That is the only way it can be grace. Grace does not say, ‘i will give you grace if you…’. This grace is not hinged on anything you do, but on what was done. You see, the law only reveals the darkness within us, but it is not the medicine to cure it. Without grace, I would only be painfully aware of my imperfection with no way to fix it. i am mortally flawed and no amount of trying can fix the pain of darkness.

But grace swoops in and completes the law. It gives us power to live fully as imperfect humans because we had a perfect savior. Those who still live in the do’s and the don’ts of Christianity will not like this idea. Mostly because grace isn’t fair….and morality obsessed people sure want grace to be fair. It is the only way to keep control over their own lives. The people that use perfectionism to keep religious laws will often get angry at grace….mostly because they are working exhaustingly hard to try and reach perfection and they think others are not. I was one of these people once…and can sometimes still be. What this idea fails to realize is the unfairness of grace is the very definition of grace. This is grace in the raw. How could grace be anything but unfair? Grace never makes a demand….it gives and gives and gives and usually, as one of my favorite authors writes, usually to the wrong person. it is recklessly too good to be true. My heart sings at the mention of it. This grace is salve to a heart that broke from the burden of the ‘try harder’ mentality.

That is the beauty of grace. There is NOTHING. I have to do. nothing, nothing, nothing. I spent my first 16 years of life doing and doing and doing. And one day, I realized how pissed off, depressed, exhausted I was ….i was pretty much done with any idea of God. Really. Just done.

I knew only the faith that says ‘try harder, do more.’ That can only last so long. You will self destruct yourself with this thinking. But then, as an angry, angry teenager, Jesus showed me that I am exactly who he wants me to be and he entrusts to me his holiness, even when i could not be trusted with it. Because of this force of too-good-to-be-true, running, laughing, scary, crazy, not sensical, but so incredible thing called grace, i am free. The law would shackle me to my sin over and over and so Jesus took the law from my hands and handed me grace instead.

Because of grace, I can better love people. Grace given to me gives me grace for others. Grace to not judge people by their actions. to not need to have them believe the same way as me to love them. to not need everyone to agree with me all the time. Grace has rocked my life. It has ripped my dead, lifeless, legalistic, exhausted from performing, little heart right open and it has whispered joy right in. I believe grace leads to Jesus and grace is Jesus and that is the only important thing I really ever need to say on the matter of who Jesus is. 

*I will probably lose a gajillion followers for posting about my faith, but I love this topic too much to care. It’s totally not a big deal if you don’t agree with my definition of grace…I still think you’re the bees knees. :) This anon asked my definition of grace, so this is my personal perspective. Please be kind when reading and understand my perspective. <3